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24/7 Paddington Childcare Laren / Hilversum

Since 1994 Paddington provides - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the best, most professional child-care for children aged between 0 to 6 years.

Based on flexibility and numerous extra facilities.

Even on short notice or just for one time.


What’s different, compared to other childcare ?


  • Tailor-made child-care: you are not tied to fixed days/hours, just make reservations for the hours that you need
  • You only PAY for the time your child is staying in our Paddington Hotel.
  • Stuck in a traffic jam or your meeting ended later than expected? No problem
  • Changing hours or days on short-term? This can be arranged
  • Always open - even during holidays, evenings, nights, weekends. 
  • Need an extra day or hour? Easily arranged


Meals and facilities

Our chef daily prepares a delicious two-course warm lunch with fresh, good quality ingredients.

(also for children with allergies, special wishes or needs)

Daily healthy ‘take away meals’ for the whole family.

Gym, dance and yoga lessons.

Great activities: theme weeks, picnics in the wood, playing in our gardens and learning about nature, baking biscuits and bread, crafts, games, and reading books.

We provide diapers, standard baby-food, food or drinks.

We have everything available and organised, just for you and your child.


The way we work

We know it’s important that you trust your child to be in excellent care, feeling safe and happy. You always have the opportunity to talk to the pedagogical staff about your wishes concerning the education, nurture and upbringing of your child. We listen.

Every child will be approached in a positive, caring way. And stimulated to develop themselves in every possible area by offering fun and educational activities. Your child is an unique individual, developing in her or his own time and way.


Paddington Locations:

Burg. van Nispen van Sevenaerstraat 31; 1251 KG  LAREN (NH); (2 minutes drive from A1 exit Laren); 035 - 538 88 86

Boslaan 7; 1217 CV  HILVERSUM; (2 minutes drive from Mediapark); 035 6281939


Don’t hesitate to contact us about the Paddington possibilities, a tour  or to make a reservation!                                                                    


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Tijdelijk: Beperkt aantal opvangplekken.

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Onze excuses voor dit ongemak.

Bent u reeds klant bij ons neem dan even contact op met uw afdelingsmanager.

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